What’s in your boot?

First published in the July 2013 PEDC newsletter

PEDCer RALPH KNUTSEN managed large-system technical support groups for 37 years, so it’s no wonder he is super organized when it comes to preparing his British cars for long drives.

Ralph keeps things he thinks he’ll need for these road trips in two bags: the yellow and red bags go behind the seats, and the rest fits handily in the spare-tire boot. Ralph says that what he takes depends on the destination and distance that he and his wife, Jan, are traveling, but most of the time it’s all in the car. He relates, “Our travels have taken us to some places where services for LBCs are hard to come by, if at all. A break-down could become a homestead.”  

Incidentally, we are happy to know that Ralph and Jan have plenty of room in the boot for a few duffel bags, in place of suitcases. Below are the lists of Ralph’s LBC spare parts and tools, which certainly give new meaning to the motto Be Prepared! 


 plastic bag 
 leather gloves 
 fuel filter (2) 
 condenser 
 points 
 distributor cap, wire nuts, washers 
 rotor 
 coil 
 spark plug (2) 
 radiator hose repair kit 
 hose repair tape 
 towels (2)—white, red 
 fuse assortment 
 hose clamp assortment 
 electrical connector assortment 
 O-ring assortment 
 vacuum line—8 inches 


 bungee 
 electrical tape 
 pliers 
 angle pliers 
 needle nose pliers 
 double-end adjustable wrench, large and small 
 adjustable wrench 
 hacksaw 
 Philips screwdriver, bent shaft 
 OE wrench – ½” to 9/16” 
 knife 
 feeler gauge (2) 
 miscellaneous hose clamps, hose, wire, weld tape, zip ties 
 alligator jumpers 
 inspection mirror 
 extension magnet pickup 
 screw/driver handle 
 small screw/driver set 
 small ratchet set 


 duct tape, electrical tape, radiator self-seal tape 
 JB Weld 
 set of combination wrenches (at least two ½”) 
 set of sockets 
 a screwdriver with interchangeable tips 
 a set of pliers (standard, needle- nose, vise grips, snap-ring) 
 a small puller or two 
 Big freaking hammer (BFH) 
 telescoping magnet & mirror tools 
 wire and alligator clips 
 flashlight 
 voltmeter 
 jumper cables 
 a set of Tyvek coveralls, disposable gloves, leather gloves, umbrella 
 rags 
 degreaser 
 hand cleaner 
 some fluids: brake fluid, oil, bearing grease, Kroil 
 repair manual DVD 
 wiring diagram 
 parts catalog DVD 
 AAA card, JCNA card, cell phone, ignition key, e-mail address of JagLovers 
 spares: V-belt(s), bottom radiator hose, Facet fuel pump, fuses, electrical connectors, and an electrical stripper/crimper, brake light switch, bulbs, air horn, fuel filters, points, rotor, condenser, coil, distributor cap + nuts, spark plugs, flares